What is hosting ?

Web hosting is an online service that make website content accessible on the internet. In other words hosting is space on physical server. when you purchase any web-hosting service. you take space on rent on a physical server where you can store you files and necessary data for you website to work properly.


What is use of Hosting:

Web hosting serves purpose in making your websites accessible on the internet. websites are essentially collections of files, such as HTML,CSS,JS and media files, that are stored on a server. when someone types in a website’s domain name or URL in web browser, the browser sends a request to the hosting server to access stored file on server, which displays the website on the user’s devices.


without web hosting, it would not be possible for websites to be accessible on the internet. Hosting provides server space and internet connectivity that is necessary to store and serve websites files to users. Hosting provider also offers various features and resources that website owners can use to enhance their websites, such as database management, email services , security features and many more.


In short:

1. Store and serve their website files on server that is connected to internet.
2. Make theire websites accessible to users.
3. Enhance website security.
4. Manage their websites’s database and email services.

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