what is : subdomain?

A subdomain is a additional name of your domain like your domain name is . Subdomains are created with the help of domain. you can create multiple subdomain or child domains on your main domain.


For example:

your domain name is

you can create subdomain like

in this example, ‘abc’ is the subdomain, example is the primary domain and .com is the top-level domain(TLD). you can use any text for your subdomain, but make sure your subdomain name is easy to use and easy to remember for visitors.


There are many companies that use subdomain

in this mail is the subdomain name, google is the main domain name, .com is top-level domain(TLD)


Use Cases of Subdomain:

The most use of subdomains is for creating testing of the website. most of web developers use subdomains will use for test new plugins or updates on a website before publishing them live on the internet.

second, the most used of subdomains is to create online e-commerce website because of e-commerce companies want a separate subdomain to handle transactions because e-commerce websites typically require a more complex setup.


In simple word a subdomain website work like a main website.

you can install WordPress on your subdomain, and it will work as a separate installation like your main domain.


you can use your subdomain website for any specific type of group/users like “”, “” and more. Subdomains help you to organize your website content more efficiently. most useful benefits of subdomains don’t affect your main website ‘SEO’.


How to Create a Subdomain?

You can create a subdomain easily in your domain registrar or from your hosting provider. in this example we will use hosting and the panel for hostingĀ  Is the control panel.

Step1. First, your need to log in to your hosting provider panel.

Step2. Login to cpanel or any control panel.

Step3. search domain or subdomain(many register probider provide you both option but some registrar provder only one option for create subdomain)

Step 4. Search the domain in the control panel

Step 5. Now click on create a Domain (see this option in right-hand side)

Step 6. click on this

Step 7. fill your subdomain name [don’t forget to uncheck box]

step 8. click on submit.



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