DNS NS records

what is : DNS Records

DNS NS records, stand for the nameserver, Ns are an essential part of the domain when someone tries to access any website by typing its domain name (e.g., example.org) in web browser, Now DNS system is responsible for translating that human-readable domain name in to corresponding IP address that computer and networks use to communicate each other.

Domain Name               record Type             Value               TTL

@                                  NS                NS1.Example.com        21600

What is: NS?

A Nameserver is a type of DNS server. It can store all DNS records for a domain, including A records, CName, MX or TXT records.

All most all domain relies on multiple nameservers to increase reliability. If one nameserver goes down or is unavailable, DNS queries can go to another one. It means there is one primary nameserver and several nameservers, which store exact copies of DNS records.

NS Example:



How to update NS

Domain owner/administrator can update NS. Many domain providers provide have option in there panel for updating ns or if they don’t have an option for updating ns then you need to contact your domain provider.


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