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What is: Addon Domain

Addon domain is a feature that allows you to have multiple websites with different domain names hosted on a single hosting account. Like having multiple websites on a single hosting. it helps you to manage all websites live from a single control panel. Each Addon domain has its own separate website content and email address. It helps you to no need separate hosting for every single domain and is easy to manage or maintain.


In Simple words:

Addon domains allow you to control multiple domains/websites from a single hosting plan. An addon domain is like a new domain. In hosting for every addon domain data stored in a separate directory/file.

Addon Domain Ex.,, etc.

Create addon domain:

To create an addon domain follow the below given steps.


{ Different different hosting providers provider have different control panels but most of the processes same for creating an addon domain/ add addon domain here I am using Cpanel. }

Step1. Login to your hosting provider panel or your can directly login to your hosting control panel.

Step2. In the control panel of hosting search addon domain/domain.

Screenshot 2023 06 12 100158


Step3. Click on domain.

Step4. See the right-hand bottom side Create A New Domain button then click on this.


Step5. Fill your Addon domain name in the blank box.


Note: { Don’t forget to uncheck the box}

Screenshot 1 3

Step6. Now you need to click on Submit button.


What is the next steps after adding the addon domain :

Step1. Now you need to update your Ns/Nameserver of hosting in your domain provider Ns panel.

Step2. If you want to use Cloudflare then you can use panel IP.(we will make a post on how to use Cloudflare )

Step3. After the ns update is done then it shows error 404 which means your website working fine.

Screenshot 1 4

What is the Next Step after updating Ns:

Now you need to install SSL certification on your Addon domain.

(Here we will use Cpanel of install SSl on domain, most of control panel have same steps so don’t worry  follow or read given steps then you will able to install SSL certificate on your website.)

Step1. Log in to your control panel.

Step2. Search SSL/TLS status then click on this.Screenshot 2023 06 12 124305

Step3. Now click on Manage SSL Sites.Screenshot 2023 06 12 124924

Step4. Scroll down and select your domain then click on the Autofill button.

Screenshot 2023 06 12 124924 1

Step5. Scroll down and click on Install Certificate Button.

Screenshot 2023 06 12 124924 2

Step6. Now a small page will open then you need to click on your domain name to check SSL Certificate installation.

Screenshot 2023 06 12 124924 3

Step7. Now your website will open and you can see SSL working.Screenshot 2023 06 12 124924 4



if you follow all the given steps then you are able to add an addon domain in hosting. Now you need to install WordPress on our Addon domain. 

In next post we will learn how to install wordpress on our domain.  


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